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Sample Tennessee Plumbing License

Tennessee Plumbing License

This article aims to inform you about the Tennessee Plumbing license, the requirements for obtaining it, and the opportunities it can open for you in the state. Let’s go straight to the most important points and help you on this new path that you have chosen to take.


First things first, if you want to work in the field, you need to have a permit. Actually, there are different types of permits you have to know about. Here they are issued on two levels – state and local levels. Separate counties are liable to issue local journeyman or master contractor certificates.

However, the latter does not give the specialists as many opportunities and advantages as a Contractor license with a Plumber classification and a Limited Licensed plumber does. Locally issued certificates are limited both in their opportunities, allowed location, and budget. With a state license, specialists can find a job in any county or city and with any budget.


Of course, there are some conditions and compulsory points to follow if you don’t want anything to stand between you and your dream career.
Here they are:

  • Being at least 18
  • Proof of education (e.g. high school diploma)
  • Work experience (apprenticeship or college programs)
  • Local exam proof for projects less than $25,000
  • State exam proof for projects above $25,000
  • An application that meets all the points


Before you take any of the mentioned exams, it is compulsory to gain practical experience. Firstly, the residents should be 18 and more and have a school diploma. For starters, they need to acquire preliminary skills.

All in all, applicants need at least 8,000 hours of working and up to 900 hours of classroom hours, to be valid for applying for a local journeyman certificate. There are different training and education programs and applicants are free to choose any of them.

One of the most frequent questions on the subject usually is how long it takes to get the permit. Well, as you can already assume, this does not exactly happen momentarily. Even the shortest educational programs and training take at least two years to complete. Other than that, the specialists can get LLP qualification only after gaining two-year’s experience.


After acquiring the necessary and compulsory skills, the next step is a local examination. Each county or city has a special Board of Examiners that oversees the whole process.

Based on the submitted documents and proof, applicants will be authorized to take further steps.

However, if you aim to get highly paid jobs, with a budget higher than $25,000, you must aim for a Tennessee contractor’s license. It includes the following topics:

  • Business Organization
  • Financial Management
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Labor Laws
  • Tax Laws
  • Managing risks
  • Safety of the environment

You need to pass another law and business exam if your next goal is to obtain a Full Mechanical or Plumbing and Gas Piping contractor permit. To be qualified, It is obligatory to attach the following:

  • A certified financial statement
  • Insurance of liability
  • Compensation statement


As in any other state (such as Nebraska), plumbers need to renew their licenses. Plumbers refresh them every two years. There is a compulsory fee of $200 for the renewal.


At the beginning of a career, it is possible to earn up to $53,000 annually. The average apprentice salary per hour is about $19.93. Journeymen earn $26.97 per hour.

However, salary can vary from city to city. Education, skills, and other factors also impact the income amount immensely.

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