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Tennessee License Lookup

If you’re searching for career prospects, the Tennessee license lookup can help. The Tennessee license lookup includes the state’s top professions, along with the steps you must take to obtain a license. Go through the entire list to find the right career path for you.

Tennessee Accountant License

You must meet the requirements to become a licensed CPA in Tennessee. First, earn at least a bachelor’s degree from an institution recognized by the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy. You must take at least 18 semester hours of upper-level accounting classes while working toward the degree. If you attend a school that uses quarters instead of semesters, you will need 27 quarter hours of these classes.

Next, take and pass the Uniform CPA Examination, followed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ ethics exam. You will then need a year of work experience. When you meet all the conditions, you can apply for your license on the state’s Comprehensive Online Regulatory and Enforcement System.

Tennessee Business License

Local governments issue business and minimal activity licenses in the state of Tennessee. You will need to form and register your business before applying for a business or minimal activity license. Then, you will contact your local government to learn the licensing requirements for your industry and area. If your business qualifies to pay the business tax, you also must register with the Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point when getting your license.

Tennessee Contractor License

All applicants must pass the Business and Law exam before becoming licensed contractors in Tennessee. After passing the test, you need to prepare an audited or reviewed financial statement. Next, get a general liability insurance policy and a letter of reference. If you have yet to register your business with the Tennessee Secretary of State, do so. Then, download the application from the Department of Commerce & Insurance website, fill it out, and send it in with the supporting documents.

Tennessee Cosmetologist License

You have to be at least 16 years old to get a cosmetology license in Tennessee. You must graduate from a school of cosmetology with at least 1,500 hours in practice and theory. Then, you have to take a written and practical examination. If you pass it, you can apply for your license through the Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners. You will receive your license and then a notice when it is time to renew the license.

Tennessee Educator License

If you want to obtain a Practitioner Teacher License, you will need to meet the requirements. First, you have to be at least 18 years of age and have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program. You also must be taking an approved educator preparation program or have already completed one. The program provider must recommend you for licensure for you to move forward.

You must pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching assessment and meet the specific requirements for your endorsement of choice. You can then apply through the Tennessee Department of Education.

Tennessee Insurance License

You can start selling insurance in no time in Tennessee. Begin by completing your pre-licensing education requirement. You’ll need to take 20 hours for each line of authority you want to carry. You can take classes online or in the classroom. You also have a self-study option.

After completing the classes, you can take the state licensing exam and get fingerprinted. Then, you can apply to become an insurance producer via the National Insurance Producer Registry.

Tennessee Medical License

You must graduate from medical school to become a doctor in Tennessee. You also need to participate in an ACGME-approved training program for at least one year after graduation. Then, you can take the state-approved licensing exam to become a medical doctor.

Once you pass, you can submit your application online via the Tennessee Department of Health’s Licensure and Regulatory System. Along with your application, you must submit two letters of recommendation and pass a criminal background check. If you meet all the requirements, you will get your license and can practice medicine.

Tennessee Nursing License

You can become an LPN or RN in Tennessee. If you wish to become an LPN, begin by graduating from an LPN program. Then, take the NCLEX-PN and apply for licensure through the Board of Nursing.

If you want to become an RN, you need to attend a board-approved nursing program. You earn your associate’s bachelor’s or master’s degree. Then, take the NCLEX-RN and apply through the Board of Nursing.

Tennessee Pharmacy License

You need to get a license to work as a pharmacist in Tennessee. You must earn your degree from a College of Pharmacy. You need 1,500 internship hours. All but 400 of the hours can come from school externships. You also need to pass the NAPLEX and the MPJE, and you cannot have a criminal record.

After you meet the requirements, you can apply for your license through the Board of Pharmacy. Then, you will need to meet your continuing education requirements to maintain your license.

Tennessee Real Estate Agent License

You must be at least 18 years of age to become a real estate agent in Tennessee. You need a GED or high school diploma and must meet the pre-licensing education requirements. The requirements include a 60-hour pre-license Principles course and a 30-course on New Affiliates.

After you complete your education, you need to take the Tennessee real estate license exam and score at least 70 percent. Then, you must submit your fingerprints and get errors and omissions insurance.  Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can apply via the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.

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