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Do you want to have your real estate agency? Do you want to become a licensed real estate agent in the state of Tennessee? If your answer is “yes”, then the Tennessee real estate license lookup is the perfect guide for you.

On this page, you can find all of the state-specific information for real estate licensing in the state of Tennessee. This information pertains to resident license applicants and enumerates the steps that lead you to your dream.

How do I verify a real estate agent in Tennessee?

Most clients want to be sure that the person they are dealing with has completed a minimum education and passed the state-licensing exam. Having a state license indicates that a real estate agent can legally offer to list, sell or buy a property on behalf of real property owners in exchange for money.

One of the best ways for a successful verification is through a professional license verification search. To verify a real estate agent in the state of Tennessee, click here.

When you go through the link, you can do the search. First of all, you should enter your agent’s last name and first name in the given boxes.

Secondly, you should click on the “Profession” button and select “Real Estate Broker” by scrolling down the list. The next step is to click on the “state” button and choose “TN”.

Finally, the last step is to click on the “Search” button to complete the search. If you want to do a new search, then click on the “clear” button.

Besides verification, the tool also indicates the status of the license and information on the license holder.

How do I retire my real estate license in Tennessee?

If you have any problems/reasons and want to stop working as a real estate agent, you may place your license in retirement. This way you will not have to give up your real estate license and reject your career path.

To retire your real estate license, you should complete an application. Do not forget to upload the completed TREC-1 form with the application to finish the retirement process.

Note that you cannot work as a real estate agent and make any real estate deals while your license is in retirement. Nevertheless, you will be able to receive commissions from transactions that were completed prior to retirement.

If you decide to continue practicing real estate in Tennessee, you will have the opportunity to reactivate your real estate license and work as a real estate agent.

How do I check my continuing education credits for real estate in Tennessee?

If you want to check your continuing education credits for real estate in Tennessee, then you should visit If you complete the required steps and follow the directions, the online tool will give you the credit information for continuing education.

It will also provide information on the real estate license providing that you click on the “details” button.

Contact Information

Tennessee Real Estate Commission
Street Address: 500 James Robertson Pkwy
Nashville, TN 37243-1151
Telephone: 615.741.2241 or 800.342.4031
Fax: 615.741.0313

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