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Sample Tennessee Contractor License Classifications

Tennessee Contractor License Classifications

In case you want to obtain your Contractor license in the State of Tennessee, you may contact the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Board for Licensing Contractors. So, here we will cover all the details on the Tennessee contractor license classifications.

Tennessee contractor license classifications and sub-classifications

In the State of Tennessee, contractor license classifications have many types.  So, the descriptions of each classification and sub-classification can be found below:

Building Construction of the Tennessee Contractor License Classifications

1. Residential

The responsibility of “Residential building contractors” is remodeling, improving, repairing, or constructing from one to four-family unit buildings.

  • Limited Residential

The responsibility is offering the construction and repairing of a single-family building. Moreover, it requires arranging the improvement, as well as the construction of it. So, the entire value may not be more than $125,000.00.

2. Commercial

The responsibility of “Commercial Building Contractors” is offering and arranging the construction, repair, demolition, and alteration.

  • Small Commercial

The responsibility is offering and arranging the repair, erection, alteration, and demolition.  That is to say, the entire value may not be more than $750,000.00.

3. Industrial

The responsibility of a contractor under the following classification is offering and arranging the erection and also repair. As well as, demolition, or alteration of buildings or structures that were used for industrial production and repair.

Building Classes

  1. Every building class should be relevant for any general contractor classification.
  1. According to TCA 62-6-113, the written or oral examinational is a must. So, every licensed contractor under more than six categories from one major classification must successfully pass those exams.

Below are the following classifications:

  • Drywall
  • Window, Glass, and Construction of Doors
  • Recreational and also Institutional Equipment
  • Foundations, and Floor Covering
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Framing, Carpentry, and Millwork, etc.
  • Terrazzo, Tile, and Marble
  • Masonry – less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00), labor and materials
  • Painting
  • Plumber
  • Miscellaneous
  • Ornamental Metal
  • Electrical Work
  • Roof Decks, and Sheet Metal
  • Plaster, Lathe, Aluminum, as well as Stucco Siding
  • Elevators
  • Roofing – includes vinyl siding, and also gutters, etc.
  • Special Coatings
  • Waterproofing
  • Insulation
  • Concrete, and Sandblasting
  • Conveyors, and Millwright
  • Subdivision, and also Site Development
  • Fabrication, as well as Erection of Structural Steel
  • Outdoor Advertising, as well as Fencing
  • Golf Courses, Swimming Pools, and also Tennis Courts
  • Demolition, Irrigation, and Excavation
  • Landscaping, as well as Scaffolding

Highway, Airport Construction and Railroad

A. Grading – Drainage

  1. drainage pipe
  2. grading and grubbing
  3. and clearing

B. Culverts and Bridges

  1. Repair and Painting
  2. Demolition
  3. Steel Erection
  4. Cofferdam
  5. Bridge Decking Cover (Airtight or Watertight)
  6. Gunite

C. Base and Paving

  1. Concrete Paving
  2. Cold and Hot Mix Asphalt
  3. Base Construction

D.  Railroad , Other Required Items

E. Specialty and Miscellaneous Items; for instance

  1. Safety of Traffic
  • (a) Fencing and Guardrail
  • (b) Pavement Markers
  • (c) Signing
  • (d) Signalization, attenuators, and lighting of roadways

Pavement Rehabilitation

It incorporates pressure grouting, grooving and grinding, underdrains, and also concrete joints.


It incorporates sodding, seeding, planting, and brush control, and also chemical weed.

Miscellaneous Concrete

It incorporates driveways, gutter and curb, box culverts, and also sidewalks.

Well Drilling

Municipal – Utility Construction

It provides services to the people who are involved in utility construction. Moreover, it includes water and wastewater services; such as piping, grading, and paving. In fact, sewer disposal and sewer plants are also included (in case there is not any restricted area).

a) Underground Piping: includes all underground utility construction and also piping (in case there is not any restricted area).

  1. Waterlines, as well as Transmission Lines
  2. Underground Conduit
  3. Gas Distribution
  4. Sewer Lines, Rehabilitation, Storm Drains, and also Structures

b) Grading or Drainage:

c) Paving and Base

  1. Base Construction
  2. Surface Usage Asphalt
  3. Cold and Hot Mix Asphalt
  4. Miscellaneous Concrete (which includes driveways, box culverts, sidewalks, and also gutter and curb)
  5. Concrete Pavement

d) Water and Sewer Systems

HC – Heavy Construction

  1. Marine (Harbor Improvements, Wharves, Terminals, and also Docks)
  2. Energy and Power Plants
  3. Storm Damage Cleanup
  4. Shaft and Tunnel
  5. Underground and Mining Surface
  6. Oil Refineries
  7. Dikes, Dams, Canals, and also Levees
  8. Oil Field, and Landfill Constructions

Heavy Construction classes (Apply to all or any Areas)

This includes the following classes:

  1. Foundation Construction, Foundation Drilling, Stabilization, and also Pile Driving
  2. Clearing, Grubbing, Snagging, as well as Rip Rap
  3. Welding
  4. Rigging and Crane Rigging
  5. Tower, and also Stack Construction
  6. Slipform Concrete Structures
  7. Structural Steel Erection
  8. Demolition, and also Movement of Structures

 Electrical Contracting

The responsibility of an electrical contractor is placing, erecting, installing, or connecting any electrical appliances, wires, fixtures, conduits. And also, raceways, or solar photovoltaic cells, that transmit, rework or utilize voltage in any kind.

Here are the categories that are included in this classification:

  • A. Electrical Work for Constructions and Buildings
  • B. Electrical Transmission Lines
  • C. Electrical Signs
  • D. Temperature Controls
  • E. Cable TV, as well as Telephone Ducts and Lines
  • F. Roadway Lighting, Signalization, and also Attenuators
  • G. Underground Electrical Conduit Installation
  • H. Installation of Electric Meter
  • I. Substations

MC (CMC) – Mechanical Contracting

Mechanical contractors produce, install, repair, or serve mechanical items and automated systems. So, they must use their creativity and fulfill the purpose of any kind of construction.

This includes the following categories:

  • A. Plumbing and Gas Piping
  • B. HVAC, Gas Piping, Refrigeration
  • C. Process Piping
  • D. Pollution Control
  • E. Pneumatic Tube Systems
  • F. Temperature Controls (Pneumatic)
  • G. Insulation of Mechanical Work
  • H. Fuel Gas Piping and Systems
  • I. Repairs and Boiler Construction
  • J. Fire Protection and Sprinklers

S – Specialty

The responsibility of a specialty contractor is performing the construction work requiring certain skills. So, it may include the usage of specialized building trades or crafts.

The Board uses the system of classifications set forth in Appendix A. Moreover, the Board reserves the right to depart from the classification system.

Specialty – Medical Gas Piping

It includes maintenance, installation, and repair works. They fall under the medical gas piping regulation – T.C.A. § 68-11-253.

A. Requirements for Medical Gas Piping Installer Certification

At least thirty-two hours of training for board certification. Working as a medical gas installer includes training in the following areas of NFPA 99C, Gas and Vacuum Systems:

  1. Medical Gas Systems
  2. Pressurized Gas Systems Installation
  3. Vacuum Piping
  4. Brazing Techniques required for Medical Gas Systems
  5. Gas Distribution Systems
  6. Patient Care Requirements

S – Specialty/Environmental work

This specialty includes work connected with the following spheres:

  • Asbestos Material Handling, Removing
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Air, Water or Soil Remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank
  • Lead-Based Paint Abatement
  • Mold Remediation

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